On this page, I have gathered some information that you as a potential customer or partner may find useful. Should any additional questions arise, don't hesitate to contact me.


On receiving an inquiry from a customer, usually by email, I start with assessing the amount of work needed. In order to be able to make a fair and realistic assessment, I always ask the customer to send the source material. As soon as possible, usually within an hour during office hours, I will then offer a precise quote and deadline.


If accepted, I start my work by doing a thorough research on the subject and terminology at hand, as well as acquainting myself with any possible style guide and preferences of the client. During the translation process, I address the client concerning possible ambiguities in the source text or other issues.


Before delivering the project, I always review my translations several times to ensure complete accuracy and idiomatic flow. After project delivery, I stay available for any remaining inquiries.



As in any other field, there is a huge amount of medical information on the Internet. The expertise of a linguist is knowing how to filtrate and find the right term and the right tone in the right context. Prioritizing resources for various ends is crucial. And sometimes, a physical book still turns out to be the best place to look. Below is a sample of the resources I consult the most.


For medical terminology, I primarily consult the Swedish MeSH, SNOMED International CT and the Swedish standard work Medicinsk Terminologi by Bengt I Lindskog. For English medical term search, my primary source is the comprehensive and authoritative Dorland's Medical Dictionary Online, for which I hold a licenced subscription. For reasearch on the usage of Swedish terms in different contexts, I frequently browse Vårdguiden, the Swedish go to reference for health information online, and Läkartidningen, an authoritative periodical journal written by doctors for doctors. If, even after a thorough research, it is still unclear which term is to be used, I call an expert at a specialist clinic or a patient association. Another useful option is reaching out to fellow medical translators in SFÖ and the ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical Network, who together provide a vast body of knowledge.


For background research on diseases and treatments, I primarily consult the online resources Internetmedicin.se, Praktisk medicin and NetdoktorPro and various works in my own medical library.


I use the latest version of standard Swedish language reference works, such as:

  • Svenska Akademins ordlista
  • Svensk Ordbok
  • Svenska skrivregler
  • Skrivregler för svenska och engelska från TNC
  • Svenskt språkbruk
  • Språkriktighetsboken


For all my translation projects, I use MemoQ, one of the most advanced translation software solutions in the market. It is highly compatible to other types of software and processes most file formats. A high quality translation software, such as MemoQ, helps improve quality, accuracy and consistency of terminology. I also subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 to make sure I have the latest version of the Office suite at all times.



For translation and localization services, I charge per word. The word price will vary depending on the estimated amount of work needed, level of difficulty, possible time pressure or any special requirements.


For revising and proofreading services, I normally charge by hour. Based on the quality of the original text, and your expectations of the end result, I will give you an estimated time frame for your project. For smaller projects, I can usually offer a fixed price in advance, after examining the content to be revised or proofread.



As a freelance translator in the medical field, I make every effort to process your personal data and any sensitive information lawfully and transparently. Your information will not be shared with any third party, and I protect it by implementing technical security measures, such as SSL certification. To learn more, please read my privacy notice.


I accept payments by wire transfers and PayPal. I invoice in Euros, USD dollars and SEK kronor, and allow 30 days payment credit.


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