I offer professional medical translations from English into Swedish. In every translation project, identifying the purpose and target audience of the text is key. Readability, idiomatic flow and keeping it simple without loosing the details is always a priority for me, also when dealing with advanced medical texts.


Localization is a process that is often a part of a translation project. It comprises the idea that a translation project is not only about changing the words into another language, but that the message has to be culturally adapted and presented in a form and a frame that is familiar to the reader.


When translating medical documents, I use adequate Swedish standards and formats, and refer to Swedish and EU regulatory material when that is required. For some types of documents, such as EMA (European Medicines Agency) documentation, country-specific templates are used as a standard.

For all my translation projects, I use MemoQ, which is one of the most advanced translation software solutions in the market. It helps improve productivity, accuracy and consistency of terminology.



In addition to translating, I offer proofreading and revising services in Swedish.


Proofreading is the final check of a text before it is published. It involves checking for grammar and syntax errors, spelling mistakes and typos. An important part is also ensuring the consistent use of terminology.


Revising involves taking a deeper look at a translated text and requires access to both the source and target text. These are compared in order to ensure that the message, style and tone of the source text are adequately captured and expressed in the translated text. Sometimes it includes an in-depth terminology research of the core terms of the text.

When you wish to use my proofreading and revising services, we discuss in advance as to how much you want me to work on the text.

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